AI Test Kitchen

AI Test Kitchen is a mobile and web application designed for users who want to test and provide feedback on Google’s latest AI technologies. Users can experience new AI features and applications before they are widely deployed. This application provides an opportunity for the community to learn, contribute opinions, and help improve AI technologies responsibly.

How to Create an Account?

Step 1: Download the AI Test Kitchen app from the app store or visit the official website.


Step 2: Select the “Create Account” option on the app’s home screen.


Step 3: Enter necessary personal information, including name, email address, and password.


Step 4: Confirm your account through the confirmation email sent to the registered email address.


How to Log In?

Step 1: Open the AI Test Kitchen app on your mobile device or visit the website on your computer.


Step 2: Choose the “Log In” option on the home screen.



Step 3: Enter the email address and password used during account creation.


Step 4: Press the “Log In” button to access your account.


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With an AI Test Kitchen account, users can participate in testing programs, experience new AI features, and share their opinions to contribute to the responsible development of Google’s AI technologies.

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